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Jackrabbits Pottery

Paint your own pottery studio

Open every day from 10am (11am on Sundays)

Loyalty card

Loyalty Cards

Collect carrots on our Loyalty Cards and you can claim free drinks or money off purchases!

We add a carrot stamp to your Loyalty Card for each complete £10 that you spend.

When you complete the top row, you can use your card for a free drink next time you come to paint. When you complete the bottom row we'll take £5 off your next purchase (excl Gift Vouchers & parties). 

There are a few conditions: 

  • Stamps can only be redeemed as part of a subsequent booking, i.e. you can't just drop in for a free drink

  • If multiple stamps have been made on different cards then we will happily combine the total and issue a new card as required

  • Stamps cannot be redeemed during the same visit/booking as they have been earned

  • Stamps are not earned by party bookings

  • Stamps are not earned by the purchase of Gift Vouchers - stamps are given when these are redeemed

  • Change will not be given for Loyalty Cards

  • Carrot stamps must be claimed at the moment of payment - they will not be added afterwards

  • Free drink/£5 off must be redeemed by the customer at the moment of purchase - we can't take money off after a purchase has been put through the till

  • It is the customer's responsibility to claim stamps or to redeem them

  • We reserve the right to refuse to honour a Loyalty Card as payment 

  • We reserve the right to discontinue this scheme without notice

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