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Jackrabbits Pottery

Paint your own pottery studio

Open every day 10am-5pm

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Oakwood and Roundhay

We live and work here in Oakwood, a busy, friendly community on the southern corner of Roundhay Park, Leeds. The area has a rich history, from the pre-historic settlements across the road in Gipton Wood to the world's first scheduled air service that ran from Roundhay Park!

Something for everyone

There are a wide range of shops, cafes, tailors, hair salons & beauticians, the Post Office, the chip shop, pubs, bars and restaurants - almost all of them proud independents that are run by the people that own them.

We also have a thriving Farmers' Market once a month, regular craft fairs, and a range of seasonal events that take place around Oakwood Clock.

We've even got our own pop-up cinema (we're proud to sell tickets at Jackrabbits), and the members of the Home Guard Club are no doubt still ready to defend us should the need ever arise (but in the meantime they play snooker in their elegant upstairs headquarters).

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